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An Insolvent Person is someone:

  • Who is not Bankrupt
  • Who is living or carries on business in Canada
  • Whose liabilities to creditors are $1,000.00 or more
  • Who Is unable to meet their obligations as they generally become due
  • Who’s property, if sold, would not produce enough funds to pay all your debt

If you are an Insolvent Person you have the right to use the Bankruptcy And Insolvency Act to solve your financial situation. There are two sections of the Act that apply.

You may choose a Consumer Proposal by making A Debt Relief Deal offering to pay your creditors less than you currently owe them.

You may choose Bankruptcy to resolve your debt and get A Fresh Financial Start.

Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully used a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy to solve their financial difficulties. Both are proven methods of effective Debt Relief.

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